Naomi Ruth Raine   { Events & Bio }
El Zócalo
1809 Plaza, Las Vegas, NM 87701
(505) 454-9904

I've joined El Zócalo, the beautiful cooperative art gallery in Las Vegas, NM's historic towntown! I have several works on display and for sale, including "He Stole the Sun for Me Too", "You Gotta Love Cats", "Otterly Wonderful", "Bunny Soul", and "Peaceful". More to be added soon. Yayyyyyy!

Final JourneyFinal Journey (work in progres)

Latest Works in Progress

Molly-ZillaGargoyle 2: Molly-Zilla Treasure Box

Inspired by our chicken, Molly; she has the fiercest eyes - they remind me of a raptor's gaze. This one is nearly complete, I just need to finalize the patina/paint layer. Ultimately, I want the top to be dark purple with green glints, and the bottom to be green with black undertones.

Extremely Short Bio

Like most creative people, I've been making art all my life, but only recently have I given it the priority it truly deserves. In 2010, I earned my masters at JFKU in Transformative Arts. In that course of study, I honed my focus on human and animal connections.

All my pieces are inspired by events in my life interwoven with mythical stories. They are about things that touch my heart or break my heart, and they are all deeply meaningful to me.

Since moving to Las Vegas, NM in June 2013, I have been learning to work in metal at NMHU,using the lost wax method, and I've fallen deeply in love with this medium. I love the textures, the finishes, the weight, the possibilites. It's all very inspiring for me.